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Health & Wellness4 Ways To Increase Collagen While On Keto

4 Ways To Increase Collagen While On Keto

Over 25% of our entire body mass is comprised of just a single protein, collagen. Since the tendons, ligaments, muscles, bones, and skin are all primarily made from collagen, it is, therefore, the most widely used protein found in the human body. Collagen comes from the Greek word “kolla,” which means glue.

True to its name, it provides the structure for your teeth, bones, viscera, organs, and cartilage. Tissues remain full and solid because collagen retains moisture. The role it plays is to safeguard the epidermis against harm from UV radiation. Collagen production and quality decline as you age, and because of this, your skin becomes dry and wrinkled, your bones and joints become weaker, and wounds heal slower.

In this article, we will discuss why you should incorporate more bone broth into your diet. Next, we will talk about why you should avoid collagen-depleting habits and eat more collagen-boosting nutrients. We will wrap up with a discussion on why you should try a keto-friendly collagen powder.

1Incorporate More Bone Broth

The majority of people don’t consume collagen regularly, as it is ample in our bones and the tissues that are connected. An excellent way to increase your collagen is by drinking bone broth. Those tissues are full of collagen, and that is where the bone broth is made from. The most practical avenue to increasing your collagen level is simply to drink bone broth daily.

Bone broth protein powder is an excellent and convenient alternative to sipping the liquid broth. Powdered bone broth, basically liquid broth turned into powder, contains multiple types of collagen plus around 12 to 20 grams of protein per serving. Nut milk with bone broth protein powder makes a great afternoon snack.

2Avoid Collagen-Depleting Habits

You can boost the benefits of collagen by getting rid of your unhealthy lifestyle. “Collagen slayers” are what these are occasionally called. It is proven that collagen synthesis in the body is reduced by many things, including smoking, excessive sun exposure, overexercising, a sedentary lifestyle, chronic stress, and poor sleep.

Anything that negatively affects your wellness can reduce collagen synthesis. Consuming high-glycemic foods can also break down collagen. Fortunately, sugar is already restricted when you are on a keto diet.

3Eat More Collagen-Boosting Nutrients

It’s crucial that you consume collagen as well as eat a healthy diet that includes all the nutrients that your body needs to produce it. Collagen co-factors are vitamin A as well as C. So, to construct collagen, your body needs them. Green leafy vegetables, like chard, kale, broccoli, and bell peppers, are where you can get vitamin A and C; organ meats, like chicken or beef liver, organic meat, free-range egg yolks, tahini, wild-caught fish, seeds, and nuts have these vitamins. Consume these foods in adequate amounts to meet your daily vitamin C and A needs.

When you take your vitamin A and C supplements, it is simple to just add a collagen supplement with it. Extra vitamin C is often included in the formulas of many collagen supplements. Antioxidant-rich fruits, like lingonberry, camu camu, and amla berry, are full of vitamin C. You can get them in either liquid or powder form, like the myKind Organics Orange Tangerine Amla Vitamin C from Garden of Life or Camu Camu from Paradise Herbs & Essentials.

4Try A Keto-Friendly Collagen Powder

A simple, easy way to boost the collagen in your keto diet is by including a collagen protein supplement. This will not throw your macros out of balance. Go for products that contain a good balance of healthy fat and collagen.

An example of a splendid keto-friendly product is one that contains MCTs from coconut oil and grass-fed beef collagen. When you’re making a cup of coffee, keto smoothies, or even a fat bomb recipe, try adding the collagen powder; this is the perfect time to do it. Making keto pancakes are good, too.

The unique amino acid profile that collagen has is beneficial to the suppression of hunger. A supplement of collagen taken before eating will boost your sense of being full and will probably lower your degree of hunger. Taking collagen during a meal helps prevent you from ingesting calories.

Hunger is suppressed, and you have a greater feeling of fullness from using collagen. Because feeling fuller and more satisfied leads to weight loss, many studies focusing on protein intake have been performed. Collagen’s unique peptide structure has been proven to be more effective in controlling appetite compared to other types of protein.

In this article, we discussed why you should incorporate more bone broth into your diet. Next, we talked about why you should avoid collagen-depleting habits and eat more collagen-boosting nutrients. We wrapped up with a discussion on why you should try a keto-friendly collagen powder.


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